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my name is Martin, my call sign is "DO4LMR" (amateur radio) and "13LMR" (cb). I am pleased with your interest in my radio activity. My QTH is not far from Kiel in Northern Germany (JO44XF).

I was born in 1962. My amateur radio license is from 1987. When I was 8 years old, my father bought a pair of walkie talkies from Taiwan, 1 channel on 27.125MHz on a 80cm antenna. The range was of course lousy, so my father gave me them without greater reprimands. The radios improved suddenly the tactical options in our cowboys- and indians-games around the house block.

I had installed a CB radio (12Ch/0.5W) in my first car, and I drove to smaller hills nearby. My best coverage at that time was exciting 27km with a DV27. Then I lost my interest on radios, only short interrupted from making the licence. In the 90 years my interests woke up by packet radio, an interest that no one in my area shared with me. The radio amateur clubs nearby were not attractive because many members still had mental problems with computers. And: I found no achievable gateway from Packet-Radio to the Internet, they were at least not legally. Since the end of 2013 I'am interested in the digital modes. When I am asked what fascinates me in hamradio, I am not able to give any meaningful or convincing answer.

I use these radios:

  • Yaesu FT857: HF, VHF, UHF, 10-50W
  • Kenwood TS120S: HF, 10-50W
  • SDR Flexradio 1500: HF, 5W
  • Albrecht AE5890EU: CB-FM/SSB, 10W
  • Icom IC260E: VHF-FM/SSB, 10W
  • Kenwood TH7: VHF/UHF-FM, 5W
  • Baofeng GT3: VHF/UHF-FM, 5W

These radios operated on three antennas:

  • 10m / 15m: vertical-antenna A99 on the roof
  • 15m / 80m / 160m: horizontal wire (23m) between the house and a tree, app. 8m above ground (instruction by DC4KU, assembled by DO2PHS.)
  • 2m / 0.7m: vertical-antenna X50 on the roof

Antennas from DO4LMR / 13LMR

My preferred modes of operation are the well-known digimodes FT8, FT8CALL and PSK31. The entry into it I found with the setup AE5890EU / A99 on the 10m-band. I bought both units as well as the external power supply second-hand together for less than 200 euros.

I am pleased when my relaxed low-level station is listed on any Saturday in the top 10 worldwide in the PSK Reporter. As a moderate QRP-fan, CW in SSB on 2m applies to me as the operationally true king discipline.

My collection of SDRs:
S1, 2x Pappradio, RTLSDR, FiFi2.0, FunCubePro

QSL-Cards via the usual amateur radio channels I do not send. For the confirmation of radio contacts this does not makes sense longer, since there is the PSKreporter and if one uses only digimodes like me. However, I sometimes receive a QSL-card via direct e-mail (DO4LMR at web point de), which makes me happy and I of course than react with a QSL-card.

I would be very happy welcome a feedback via e-mail (DO4LMR at WEB Punkt DE). Actually, it would be a nice project to collect the stories of how we came to radio and what were ups and downs.

73 de Martin